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ICS™ Helicopter Landing Zone Kit - NEW Tactical Stealth Model

Rotary wing aircraft operated by law enforcement, fire, Med-Evac and military must often set down in non-controlled landing areas, with natural and man-made obstacles (trees, power lines, buildings, etc.). Ground-based personnel will identify an area free of these obstacles and attempt to demarcate the area. Flame flares, cones, and random flashing LED flares are often used.  However, multiple vehicles at the site often result in an array of blue, red, orange and white flashing lights, making it difficult for the approaching pilot to easily and quickly identify the obstacle-free area.  And fire danger often prohibits deployment of flame “fuses” on grass surfaces or in the midst of a fuel spill.

pi-Lit® LZ Kit includes 5 radio-linked flares with both visible and infra-red LEDs.  The flares are placed at the corners of a 100 foot (30 meter) square  with one placed outside to designate wind direction OR inverted “Y” free of obstacles. The flares flash in unison to create an identifiable “constellation” of either infra-red or visible flashing points.  The operator may use any one of the 5 flares to control the entire group, changing from visible to infra-red with the push of a button.

Optional Remote Control (range = 300 meter - 1000 feet) 

Can be used in conjunction with multiple sets to form a larger demarcated landing area

[ALKALINE] Kit of 5 ICS LZ (Landing Zone) Flares (Infrared Side LED/Green Top LED)  Green Plastic + 5 Ballast Range Extenders - Orange Case, Ships with Black-handled Carrying Case 

Price: $451.00 


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