Redline Select LED 310

Redline Select LED 310


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XPP-5466R FORTEM™ - Intrinsically Safe Helmet-Mounted Dual-Light™ Flashlight 

The FORTEM™ intrinsically safe dual-light™ flashlight is the most versatile choice 
for helmet-mounted hands-free lighting. With 250 flashlight lumens that is powerful
enough to cut through dense smoke combined with a serious independent 115 lumen
floodlight mounted at a 45 degree downward angle, the 5466 is designed for professionals 
who appreciate performance and convenience. User adjustable flashlight modes range 
from 250 lumens on high, 100 lumens on medium and 25 lumens on low. Dial down the
floodlight to light up your gear or feet as you walk by adjusting from 115 lumens on high, 
to 50 lumens on medium or 10 lumens in potentially-life saving survival mode.  Additionally, 
in Dual-Light mode (both the Flashlight and the Floodlight turned on at the same time) you 
get 150 lumens providing maximum versatility along with user safety. The 5466 also has 
a green, rear facing LED light so that others can easily identify team personnel in smoke-filled
or dusty environments.

SKU: XPP-5466R
Weight: 1.00
Price: $99.95 


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